Tool Review! Curved and Straight Burnishers

Tool Review!
Curved and Straight Burnisher

Sutton Tools:

Curved: £3.20 exc VAT

Straight: £3.20 exc VAT

Cookson Gold:

Curved: £11.38 inc VAT

Straight: £8.29 inc VAT


Curved: £3.75 inc VAT and P&P

Straight: £3.75 inc VAT and P&P


Now as you can see there is a bit of a price difference between all 3 and from looking at the ones on eBay they have the same packaging as the ones I bought from Sutton so they are exactly the same. It pays to do your research!

My main use for these is when I'm stone setting cabochons.
Ive found that I favour the curved one more as the straight is awkward to use and doesn't really do what I want it to do.

The curved one is perfect for when you are pushing the metal over the cabochon as it shaped to the stone but doesn't scratch or damage the stone in the process It is also ideal for getting a high shine.
The stones I work with are usually quite small so I find that the Curved is easier to use.
Ive had both of these for almost 3 years now and Ive rarely used the straight one, but its always handy to keep when the curved cant quite cut it.

They are both of really good quality and the curved smooth wooden handle is comfortable to hold.
Overall If your going to buy one, go for the curved and get it off eBay!

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