Tool Review! Letter Stamps

Tool Review!
2.5mm Letter Stamps

My dad picked my set up for me from machine mart as they were considerably cheaper than other places. They are made from steel and come in a case. Although I was looking for 1.5/2mm for the sake of 1/2mm (and some money) I opted to go for the 2.5mm

Machine Mart:

£9.59 Inc VAT


I found some for £11.95 but to be honest they looked cheap and bad quality so Ill leave the link for some others which are slightly more expensive

Cookson Gold:

Now Cooksons don't stock 2.5 mm they only do 2mm which are here 
£13.91 Inc VAT


Ive had great joy with using these, they are good quality and so easy to use.
Id highly recommend buying a steel bench block (review to come next week!) to stamp on with these as you get a much better defined stamp on the metal.

With silver I found them to stamp with ease but using on harder metals such as copper (which I use to sample on first) you need a bit more force when hammering to get a good indentation.

I use a small standard hammer that you would use for household DIY (I 'borrowed' mine from my dads shed) I found this to be perfect for stamping as due to the size and weight you don't end up over stamping the metal.

These do take a bit of practising with as when stamping words it is hard to try and figure out how close / where you should align the next stamp but after a few trial and error goes on copper you should get the hang of it. I tend to use a permanent marker to mark out spaces or where the centre should be etc this burns off as soon as heat is applied so don't worry!

The only downside to these is that each time you go to stamp a letter you have to check the stamp to make sure you've got the stamp the right way otherwise youll have a backwards / upside letter.

If you do happen to spell a word wrong (its happen to me more times that id care to admit) don't worry and think you have to scrap your work and try again. All you have to do is take some easy solder and solder over the letter, buff away using a emery stick and carry on like it never happened! 

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