Ive been quiet lately, here an update!

My blog has been little dormant for a while, due to some life changes.
So heres a quick over view of the last 12 months…

I was given an amazing opportunity after I went for an interview to work for Posh Totty Designs,
this required me moving 200 miles to Brighton. I worked as a freelance Jeweller in a workshop and I loved my job, the people there were lovely and it was basically my dream job, unfortunately all good things come to an end and after christmas there was just not enough work for everyone so as much as I loved Brighton I reluctantly moved back home in February for a while.

Amongst settling back in at home and doing a bit of travelling and I've relocated my workshop (to another shed in the garden) and began to start making again. Its not quite photo ready as I'm still settling into in and finding homes for all my tools which I didn't realise I had so many of! (I'll post some once I've got it how I like it!)

Id like to take a moment here to thank papa bear for the redevelopment of the shed which he's tailored to my design needs.

At the moment Ive got a small art and music festival stall coming up in July and quite a big fair I'm working towards mid september so keep an eye open for new pieces and updates.

Hopefully I'll have a few things up in my etsy shop again soon!

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