Sketching up the Final Designs

 So I have 3 sketch books pretty full of drawings which needed condensing down into a final collection.
I havent quite got them all finished but I have a rough 
idea what I want for my degree show.

Single pendants
Multiple pendants
Large layered neck adornment

here are a few of the sheets Ive drawn out to make
my life a tad bit easier.

With 3 weeks to go Ive got a lot of work to do,
There will be plenty of all nighters and a lot of 
pro plus involved.

Playing with samples

A few photos from playing around and layering up samples.

Goodbye £70

So these are a progression of the copper earrings I made.
They are made from 0.5mm Silver,
Not yet finished but almost there.
I intend to enamel the insides of the earrings
to add a more contemporary feel.

Goodbye £70.
Seeing as Silver was down in price by 15% I stocked 
up a little bit.

The unsuccessful productive day

So I was having a productive day enamelling,
Until both my pieces broke in the kiln :(
But tomorrow is a new day 
and glue is the answer to everything :)

The final colours for my collection.

Peppermint Earrings
Pre Kiln

Silver earrings with white enamel
Post Fire.

Vote for me so I can exhibit my work!

Ahhhhhh So like a week or so ago I applied for this,
I kind of just did it on a whim and never heard back so assumed nothing of it,
but now Im on the website :)
Id really apprecaite if any one who reads my blog could take a min and vote for me

Recent Enamelling.

 Here are some of the things ive been working on this week.

New colour, Not so keen though.

Finally thought of a way of attaching the pieces to a chain.

Experimenting with texture and enamel.

Larger piece which needs adding on to

My favourite "Happy Accident" earrings


New colour which I love!

New Sketch Book

After a tutorial yesterday I decided I needed a new sketch book
mainly because I have already filled the previous two, but also 
because I have some new ideas.
My morning has consised of catching up with Geordie Shore, drinking tea and drawing,
which if you ask me if a pretty good way to spend a day!

Here are a few of the new ones I've been doing,
mainly looking at layering multiple sections together.

My view this morning.

No Rest for a Third Year

I decided to come back to Nottingham early, 
partly because of the mountain of work I needed to 
get on with partly because I needed to get away 
from the parents!
These are what Ive been making so I could get 
on with enamelled them on monday. They haven't
 been cleaned as I don't have a pickler at home yet.
Im quite pleased with them but shall have to see 
have well the enamel sits on the curves.

Slight bit of procrastination occurred in the form of this cute little silver ring.
I made these using some off cuts of silver I had left :) 
I love how cute and dainty it is!

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