The Harley Gallery

With all the commotion of getting ready for Harley Gallery and Christmas I have been so slack with Blogging! 
Im doing a few posts to update you all on my goings on since my last post.

My weekend at the Harley Gallery was really successful! It was really nice to be in an atmosphere where everyone was like minded and the people who are there have to come buy arts/crafts/jewellery things which have a medium to high price point.
I got so many compliments about my work and lots of people were really friends and interested in knowing about what I do, where I studied etc..

I feel like I learned so much from the Art Market; how to set up my own stall, displays, pricing, selling my work and working out what sells. I did lose quite a few sales due to not having a customers ring size which is disappointing, but you live and learn and I have a few people email me for orders after the  weekend.

I put some of my degree show work out to show but didn't really have any intention of selling, but one woman loved the large coiled earrings and was adamant she wasn't leaving without them. Im so pleased that I've sold some of the pieces!

Overall Im so so proud of myself, I worked hard and it paid off.

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