Cookson Gold Gift voucher!

So a few months ago I had a bad experience with Cookson gold, which is so unusual as I never have a bad word to say, their customer service is next to none and the products are always of good quality. 
I'd placed an order to pick up at 11am and I was still waiting in the store well after 12 for it. But to reimburse me for my wasted time Cooksons kindly offered me a gift voucher! (Which automatically hoists them back to the top of my good books)

Now I still have this gift voucher and have been uming and aring what to put it towards, and for a while now I've had my eye on one of their texturing hammers. I'd looked into getting one off eBay as they were about £10+ cheaper, I've bought tools from eBay before and they've been a bit hit and miss, you also can't tell what the quality is going to be like until it arrives. So with gift voucher in handI've  decided to put it towards a slighter more pricey hammer as in the long run it will be better quality and last me longer!

The only decision I've got left to make now is which texture I want! I could be a while figuring this one! 

Also over the next few weeks I'm going to be doing reviews on some of the tools and products Ive purchased and use. 
I hope these will be super useful for people just starting out, students on a budget (as I was myself) or makers who are looking for some opinions on tools!

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