26 days and counting

With the Harley Gallery arts market drawing closer I've been busy making stock for it. 
Im almost finished just a few more bits to do, and a few hours in the barrel polisher.

Im off to Birmingham tomorrow to pick up (hopefully) my last silver order before the market,
no doubt ill have a panic the week before and place another cheeky order.

Ive also had a lot of love from the Harley Gallery on twitter and Facebook this week!

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The Perfect Sunday

I had my first sunday off in ages so I roped my dad in to helping ( when I say help I mean he did it all under my guidance) 
make my displays for the Arts Market. 
It was such a nice day on sunday we got the shorts 
on and got to work 
(please excuse my dads dodgy sock/flipflop combo he's not aware this photos online haa)

There aren't quite finished as they need sanding and Im unsure whether Im going to spray paint them the same colour as my branding, like a minty green, not sure if it will look to much or to just keep them as they are and varnish them?

Im really pleased with my dads handy work and I hope my stall will look good and lots of people will buy!

The Photoshoot

So here are a few photos of what I've been up to recently. My lovely sister in law has photographed them all for me so they look professhh!

Ive got 4ish collections.

' All That Glitters '

' Silver Linings '

' Aztec '

and theres also ' Simple ' and ' Coiled ' which only have a few pieces in at the moment and I need to look at developing and expanding both collections.
I feel like a mini factory at the moment churning all these jewellery out for the Harley Gallery Arts Market. I know its just under 2 months away but I'd rather be over prepared than panicking closer to the time.
Check out my next post for more about my preparations for the market!

Harley Gallery Christmas Market!

I got a text recently off my friend Charlotte to ask 
if I got into the market as she had got 
her email so when I checked I  finally got an 
email to confirm I have a place at the Harley 
Gallery Christmas Arts Market!

Im so so sooo excited but nervous at the same time, 
I have so much to make and do for then and really
 need to crack on! I feel like theres a million 
things I need to do to prepare myself and 
looking at the amount of other people 
doing it Im wondering if Im ready but hey 
I need to start somewhere!

If your around Nottingham/Welbeck 22nd, 23rd and 24th November come by and say hello!

Social Media Update

Ok, so a quick update, I made a twitter account, 
Facebook page for my Jewellery 
and also Ive opened a Etsy shop!

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Beach Hut Brighton

I love the seaside and I love Brighton.
Im hoping to move there in the very near future,
So I decided to do a little homage to Brighton with 
these super cute Beach hut pendant designs.

With all this rain lately I wanted to
 do something a little more summery
to get back into the spirit of summer 
and what better way than with these!

If your interested in getting one of these made or something similar, please don't hesitate to email me as 
I'd love to be able to get in the workshop with these 

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New! ID Tag Style Bracelet

This is what I've been working on today.
Sterling Silver ID Tag style Bracelet.

I've made it personal for myself,
CT being my initials and 1990 being my year of birth.

Any words and/or numbers can be on these, 
and they can be made to fit
(I have really tiny wrists!)

If your interested in getting one of these please 
email me Charlotte.Tattersall@hotmail.co.uk 
with the subject title "make me one!"

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July Update

My dad thinks he is hilarious and got this sign and 
painted over dad's with charls to put on 
the door of his shed. I havent taken 
over ALL of his shed...Yet.

Photos of a few things I'm working on.

Sample pendant in Copper

 Silver banded Rings

My New Workshop

So I managed to convince my dad to clear out his shed 
and let me have some space in there for a workshop. 
I should have really took a before shot as
 it was what my dad described as 
"organised chaos"
which I think was an understatement.

When questioned the last time he had used 
half of the things in there they all seemed to be 
at least 5 years ago...

But 2 days later and he finally cleared, 
tidied and oragnised it all for me.
Its not the biggest of spaces but I'm Happy.
I haven't quite got all my things set up
 as there a few things left in my uni flat.

Im hoping to get some pieces made as there are a few 
Christmas markets I wanted to apply for,
one at the Harley Gallery, Nottingham 
and one at the South Bank Centre, London
so I shall see how things go!

New Designs

Since I didn't get the job I decided I wanted to 
spend the summer drawing up some new designs 
and making my portfolio bigger and better. 
I really enjoyed spending the afternoon drawing 
and had forgotten how much I liked it since uni 
had taken the enjoyment from it.

Job Interview

 I had a Job interview last week for a Graduate 
trainee jeweller in Worthing.
Out of the 20 applicants I made it to the 3 who 
got interview. The interview was the scariest 
thing I've done in a very long time.

It was just over 3 hours and included a bench test 
where I had to make a 3mm ring, solder it together, 
drill 8 0.5mm holes and clean it up.

Unfortunately I didn't get the job but overall it was a good experience, plus I got to spend the rest of the day in my favourite place that is Brighton (although it was really foggy)

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