26 days and counting

With the Harley Gallery arts market drawing closer I've been busy making stock for it. 
Im almost finished just a few more bits to do, and a few hours in the barrel polisher.

Im off to Birmingham tomorrow to pick up (hopefully) my last silver order before the market,
no doubt ill have a panic the week before and place another cheeky order.

Ive also had a lot of love from the Harley Gallery on twitter and Facebook this week!

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The Perfect Sunday

I had my first sunday off in ages so I roped my dad in to helping ( when I say help I mean he did it all under my guidance) 
make my displays for the Arts Market. 
It was such a nice day on sunday we got the shorts 
on and got to work 
(please excuse my dads dodgy sock/flipflop combo he's not aware this photos online haa)

There aren't quite finished as they need sanding and Im unsure whether Im going to spray paint them the same colour as my branding, like a minty green, not sure if it will look to much or to just keep them as they are and varnish them?

Im really pleased with my dads handy work and I hope my stall will look good and lots of people will buy!

The Photoshoot

So here are a few photos of what I've been up to recently. My lovely sister in law has photographed them all for me so they look professhh!

Ive got 4ish collections.

' All That Glitters '

' Silver Linings '

' Aztec '

and theres also ' Simple ' and ' Coiled ' which only have a few pieces in at the moment and I need to look at developing and expanding both collections.
I feel like a mini factory at the moment churning all these jewellery out for the Harley Gallery Arts Market. I know its just under 2 months away but I'd rather be over prepared than panicking closer to the time.
Check out my next post for more about my preparations for the market!

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