Tool Review! Disc Cutter

Tool Review!
Disc Cutter


So here is my first review of 2014!

Set of 7 Disc Cutter, 6mm-16mm

After contemplating buying one of these for a while I recently purchased this from eBay.

The one I bought was £17.99 which was more in my price range compared to a similar one from Cookson Gold which came in at £34.30 Inc VAT

When this arrived in the post I was a little disappointed as it was covered in oil, but after cleaning it up it was fine.

Disc cutters are really simple to use, you place your sheet metal in the centre under which size hole you desire, you then put the punch through the hole and hammer until the punch has cleared through the cutter.
You do get a slight bit of excess metal which can easily be filed off. I do recommend oiling this from time to time to make sure it works as smoothly as possible.

I dont recommend this if your cutting copper, I tried and found the copper was too hard of a metal and it works better with soft metals such as silver.

If your looking to make masses of circles or just want them to be uniform each time I highly recommend this product, Although I haven't personally tried the one from Cooksons I cant see there being much different between the two, as at the end of the day this has given me the uniform circles I want. For someone on a budget such as myself this item was perfect.

£17.99 Via eBay

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