The End Is Near

The last two weeks have been ridiculously hectic.
March 20th was my business plan hand in. Three all nighters in the library, a lot of tears, panicking and printing and I've finally finished and handed in it.

The 20th was also the date for my final ever match for NTU Lacrosse, all in all that day was too emotional for my liking!
The Thursday and Friday consisted of getting photos sorted for our brochure.
Here are some of the final one of mine.
And finally came Saturday where I departed for Lax Tour, a week of sun, sea, lax and partying. A perfect finish to a stressful week!

Back to Enamelling

Today was productive! These aren't  the finished pieces but I thought Id give a sneak peak.
Ive been making simple pendant neclaces today which I think have worked well :)
I havent been able to enamel much lately due to 2nd year workshops so it was nice to get back to it.

Powder Blue



Sunflower yellow

Rose Pink

Roping in the house mates

Id like to thank my housemate Tassja for modeling this for me today!
It was cold outside and just starting to rain. A few photos to show how the piece look on the body.
These are what Ive been working on today (see next post!)

Lets Get Down To Business.

As part of my course we get a choice of dissertation or business plan.
Seeing as I want to start my own business when I graduate the business plan seemed the clever option.

Last night me and my house mate spent the evening attempting to brand myself.
I had a rough idea what I wanted and with her photoshop expertise we got there, and Voila! My business cards were born!

Today I have been making letterheads, invoices and packaging for my business.

Unfortunately the Macs and printers at uni decided they didn't want to print the correct colours
so the colours of the boxes are not right.

My Business cards!

Packaging Box sample


Letter Head

Tired Tuesdays

I managed to drag my very tired self into uni this morning before 9am. I then proceeded to spent the next 20 mins 
faffing on my phone checking facebook, twitter, instagram, ebay and snap chat (whoops)

So here is what today looked like.
Ive made a few band rings to see how well (or not) they enamel
Im also working on a larger scale 4 piece necklace.
I also did some business stuff (check next post)

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Ive still got a few of these left for sale from the craft fair I did at christmas!
If anyones interested in buying one check out the craft fair post or email me !

Messing around with Enamel

Ive lost a bit of motivation this week at uni, so I decided to have a play around with 
 composition and colour with a few of the enamelled piece I have.


A few recent ideas from my sketch book.

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