Degree Show!

So 3 years later, a lot of tears, new friendships, experiences, growing up and independence
I have finally completed my degree.
I can honestly say its been the best 3 years of my life 
and I cant have got a better group of friends or life experiences
from doing anything else.

So here it is, my BA Hons Decorative Arts
Degree show.
I hope you have enjoyed my trials and tribulations
of my blog throughout my final year at uni
and appreciate the hard work Ive put in 
to make my degree show what it is.

My Almost Finished Portfolio

Ive finally finished editing all my photos, 
I need to print a few more off I think and add
 my cv in but then its all done!
Im so happy with it, makes my work
look 10 times better than it is.
Fingers crossed I may even get a job from it.

(If your reading this and would like to hire me, please email me!)

Decorative Arts 2013

So our brochures have finally arrived and they look so good!
We have also had personal postcards printed
Exciting times!

A few snaps from my pages.

Final Pieces 3 Days and counting.

So Ive spent the morning editing these 
photos for my portfolio,
These are a few more pieces that will 
form my degree show.
Exciting and scary times!

Each Piece is made from Silver and have been enamelled.
(apart from the one which clearly hasn't been enamelled)


Decorative Arts Notch
We currently have a shop running from 20th May till 31st May
which is situated in the old connextions building in Hockley, Nottingham.

The end is too close.

 Havent blogged in what seems like forever! With my degree show lurking even closer
 ive had hardly any time to catch up with this.
Here are a few final photos of what ive made and will be shown
 in my degree show.

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