New Tools!

So a few weeks back I mentioned that I had a voucher for Cooksons, whilst in Birmingham the other week my dad dropped by the jewellery quarter and I picked these up.

Id been talking about a texturing hammer for agesss so I finally bought one, whilst in there I was looking at a riveting hammer which I thought would be perfect for adding a different kind of texture.
My dad kindly offered to pay for this as a 'valentines day treat' bless the parents!

I havent had chance to use these yet as Im currently having some issues with gas so as soon as its sorted Ill be back in the workshop :)

Im planning on making some new things as I'm hopefully applying for the Harley Gallery again but the deadline is the end of march.

A few weeks back I had also bought a bezel pusher from eBay for £2.99

Again I haven't had chance to use this yet but as soon as I do Ill be putting a review up, this applies to the hammers too! 

Side one of Texture Hammer

Side two of Texture Hammer

Riveting Hammer

Bezel Pusher

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