My New Workshop

So I managed to convince my dad to clear out his shed 
and let me have some space in there for a workshop. 
I should have really took a before shot as
 it was what my dad described as 
"organised chaos"
which I think was an understatement.

When questioned the last time he had used 
half of the things in there they all seemed to be 
at least 5 years ago...

But 2 days later and he finally cleared, 
tidied and oragnised it all for me.
Its not the biggest of spaces but I'm Happy.
I haven't quite got all my things set up
 as there a few things left in my uni flat.

Im hoping to get some pieces made as there are a few 
Christmas markets I wanted to apply for,
one at the Harley Gallery, Nottingham 
and one at the South Bank Centre, London
so I shall see how things go!

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