This week In Photos

So I've been a little crappy with blogging this week so I've decided to do a overall summary of my week in photo form!
Ive been in uni pretty much all week doing enameling.
the only problem is my kiln takes 2-4 hours to get to firing temperature, which is an absolute pain as I end up losing motivation by the time is ready.
Ive mainly been sampling some new enamels I bought over christmas.I think they are here different to the original ones i bought and don't seem to fire as well, so I'm in the midst of trying to get them right!

Tuesday afternoon
This is my little space in the metal workshop 

My ever so messy studio space in uni.
attempting to do work with a hangover on Thursday
 (hence the Mcdonalds, first one of 2013 so i don't feel too bad)

 The one that looks pink, is supposed to be 'orange' I say supposed to be but I've yet to actually have one come out orange. Its also hasn't fired properly as it has an orange peel texture to it.
The green one also hasn't fired to the right colour and should be more like a teal?

 This was my attempt at stencilling. It looks quite interesting, I think I need to make better stencils though as this one was a bit rough.

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