Silver Time

So these are my first pieces in silver!
I was so worried I was going to mess these up but 
they have turned out all good :)
Ive yet to enamel them as I don't want to ruin them
 before doing some enamel
samples of some of the silver scraps / speak to my tutor.
As all I could afford was this tiny 5cm square
piece of silver Ive tried to get as much out of 
it as possible.I decided to make one largish 
pair of earrings and two smaller pairs
I still have a tiny bit of silver left over so 
will need to order some more 
before I can make any more.

This is the flat before piece

And here is the Finished after photo!

Two smaller pairs of earrings.

Im a little bit proud and chuffed with myself today :)

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